" the 4th Heaven," explores the intangible boundaries between different layers of reality. As an artist, I explore the fragrances of nature and the human world, and I picked them up with my lens. Through the dense application of post-photography techniques, I am trying to depict the instability sensation of humans to the world, which we normally understand as reality. From my perspective, heaven is like a beautiful reflection in people’s minds, a dream they have about the real world. In this series, I pictured the beauty of British Columbia, a place that I work and live and can call home, in my unique comprehension. I believe this is the “heaven” that I have the ability to construct and manage, and even challenge. Through this series, once again I aim to develop an incorporeal world that I have built up in my mind, which I call “the 4th heaven.” The world is beautiful, so does nature, but they have taken a very different shape in human’s ambiguous memory, and unstable brains.

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