Roy Hoh is a Vancouver based photography artist who graduated from Sichuan Fine Arts Institute affiliated Secondary School and Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology with a Bachelor’s degree of Design. Before immigrated to Canada, he worked as a visual creative director at various institutions and schools in Beijing. Roy began to work as a professional photographer since 2010 and focuses on photography creation and teaching.
I was thinking about the meaning of photography. There are enough records of the real world, from bacteria to galaxy, as well as the scenes and details of our lives. My photographic proposition and purpose is the combination of personalized visual observation, representation, internal presentation and self-awareness. Tell a story, stating a proposition is the main task of contemporary photography, but my choice is to photography as a carrier of material intake and expression, use any can use techniques and methods of it doesn't really matter, and the final rendering picture is my concern, it is an exploration of my own, because not every painting is derived from the visual, The expression of emotion and artistic conception occurs naturally. What I have to do is to constantly destroy, reorganize, discover, and then decide when to stop. To be faithful to oneself can gain infinite power. To inherit the tradition, learning and betraying can expand, and finally gain freedom of expression.
2008 Visual Director of Beijing Times Art Museum, curating “My and Your Vision – 2008 China Olympic Photography Exhibition”
2017 “Leafless Flower” participated in the “Harmony-The First Global Chinese Photography Art Exhibition”, which was collected by a collector
2017 Works “Sunny” and “Boundary” participated in the ” Luminosity & Rhythm”, the second International Chinese Photography Exhibition in Vancouver, collected by collectors
2017, 2018 Supporting VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation – “Boundary” “Five Elements of Gold #01″”the Life of Art” participated in Young Artist Exhibition Auction and were collected by collectors, the fund was donated to charities
2017 “Leafless Flower” participated in the auction and was collected by a collector and the fund was donated to the Vancouver Rotary International Polio Project
2019 Work “Heyday” was exhibited at R Space in Vancouver
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